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The Application Process

"When looking at a therapeutic relationship between a client and a healthcare provider, the magic happens when both parties are a great fit for each other. When the client feels accepted and comfortable with the provider, and the provider is passionate about working with the client, a safe space is created. A space built on integrity, trust, acceptance, respect and commitment, where you, the client, can grow and heal. I want the very best outcomes for my clients. To ensure these outcomes, I want to make sure that we are a great fit for each other. This application process allows me to make sure you are a great fit for me, and for you to make sure that I am a great fit for you."

Dr. Nicole Largent, ND


Becoming a Client

We are not currently accepting new clients. Please join our mailing list to be the first to learn we begin accepting new clients.



We want the absolute best results for our clients. It takes time and commitment for deep, profound healing to occur, and to create sustainable and long-lasting changes. Our monthly membership allows our clients to take full advantage of all our clinic has to offer, including access to all of our providers, so they can focus on their physical, mental and emotional health. It also provides our clients with the much-needed accountability piece of the puzzle. To ensure our clients experience the best results possible, we require that you commit to at least three months of membership.

Our membership includes:

  • Unlimited visits/month with Dr. Largent, which can consist of general care, nutrition counseling, homeopathy or hydrotherapy
  • 4 sessions/month with our therapist, Whitney Frost
  • 2 private yoga sessions/month with our embodied yoga instructor, Tonia Nealey
  • 10% off all supplements via our online dispensary
  • For your convenience, most visits can be done in person or online


  • 100% committed to improving their health with a program that works
  • Ready and open to be coached on a paradigm-shifting, transformational approach
  • Dedicated to working hard on a powerful mind, body and heart transformation


  • 100% Love and accept you just as you are today and every day forward so that you can reach your full potential
  • Help you learn to also 100% love and accept yourself just as you are today and every day forward
  • Be there to support you every step of the way on your health journey