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New Patient Visits (75 minutes)- $250

Existing Patient Visit Packages (45 minutes) - Using nutrition, lifestyle modifications and supplements can produce profound results. However, in order to see these health benefits, it is required that our patients are committed to improving their health and making important changes. To provide our patients with exceptional care and ensure the best health outcomes possible, we require patients commit to at least 3 follow-up visits with us. You and your provider can decide how many visits will right for you. Our package pricing are as follows:

3 Visits - $200/visit

6 Visits - $180/visit

9+ Visits - $160/visit

Packages can either be paid for in full, or be paid in monthly installments.

* Packages visits can only be used for existing patient visits and cannot be applied to new patient visits. Unused visits expire after 2 years. Visits are non-transferable to other individuals. 

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